Get comments

GET: /projects/<project_id>/comments
Request params
Parameters תיאור
project_id Project ID.
Response params
Parameters תיאור
Array of comments
id Unique id of the comment.
date Comment submission date.
commenter_name Short representation of the user’s name.
commenter_role admin | customer | provider | potential-provider
  • admin - OHT support team.
  • provider - The translator / proofreader / transcriber that is assigned to the project.
  • potential-provider - A translator / proofreader / transcriber that was allowed to view the project before it was assigned.
content Comment content.

Request Example

curl --request GET "<SECRET_KEY>&public_key=<SECRET_KEY>"

Response Example

     "date":"2013-10-31 14:45:04",
     "comment_content":"admin's comment"
     "date":"2013-10-31 14:44:10",
     "comment_content":"translator's comment"