NMT Training

As humans, we are trained to excel. The artificially intelligent Neural Machines that translate for us are also trained to excel. At One Hour Translation, our Neural Translation Machines go through a ‘learning’ process, the outcome of which is highly sophisticated translations at a fraction of the cost of human only translations.

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We choose the best Machine Translator (MT) for your langauage pairs and domain expertise.

Machine translation

We feed your translation history to the MT.

Translation history

The MT learns your culture, style and language.


We feed your texts to the MT which produces the translated texts within a few hours.

Translated texts

We assemble the right team of linguists to human-edit your translations.

Human edit

We feed the human-edited texts back to the MT to continue perfecting the learning process.

Learning process

Consult a One Hour Translation expert for information on how your translation needs can be met by our advanced NMTS.

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