Industry Translation Services

One Hour Translation’s certified Industry Translation Services linguists understand that some documents require industry-specific knowledge, context, and jargon. In these cases, having a perfect understanding of the language is fundamental, but it is rarely enough to deliver a translation consistent with industry standards.

To ensure that both the language and your industry-specific terminology are correct, you need a translation agency that works with certified, industry-specific expert translators.


Translate your documents

Our agency’s Industry Translation Services offer you a team of professional translators who have the relevant expertise and background to ensure the success of your projects beyond simply using grammatically correct language. Take advantage of our industry-specific expert translators, whose skills span 12 different industries:


Legal Translation Services

Legal Translation Services

Attorneys, corporate legal departments, law firms and paralegals trust One Hour Translation for all their legal translation needs. Our certified legal translators and reviewers will accurately translate sensitive legal materials into your desired language.
Financial Translation Services

Financial Translation Services

Banks, FinTech companies, insurance companies, investment firms, stock market investors, and eCommerce corporations trust One Hour Translation for their financial translation needs. You can be confident that your documents will be accurate, error-free and easy to understand.
Manufacturing Translation Services

Manufacturing Translation Services

Translations of technical documents require precision and accuracy. Our patented QA procedures guarantee you'll get fast, error-free technical translations. Communicate with suppliers and showcase your products to international customers in a compelling way with professional translation services.
Software Translation Services

Software Translation Services

Set your software apart with translations in over 100 languages delivered in a short time frame. In addition to creating precise translations, our experts will ensure your software is adapted in terms of usability and readability in order to create a valuable experience for all of your users.
Government Translation Services

Government Translation Services

We bridge the communication gap between speakers of different languages and provide accurate translations by certified translators with knowledge and experience in the governmental and NGO sector. Rest assured, with OHT’s Government Translation Services, your project will be allocated to the best translator for the job.
Game Translation Services

Gaming Translation Services

Get fast, accurate, and engaging translations for all your gaming needs with One Hour Translation’s expert Gaming Translation Services. Start translating today!
Marketing Translation Services

Marketing Translation Services

Want your marketing and advertising materials to stand out in any language so that you can attract new global audiences? We’re willing to bet you do. Our Marketing Translation Services in over 120 languages will ensure that your marketing and advertising material resonate perfectly with your target market.
Retail & E-commerce

Retail Translation Services

Communicating with consumers in their native language is a retailer’s biggest advantage when going global. One Hour Translation’s Retail Translation Services specialize in industry-specific expert retail and e-commerce translations that can help you turn offline and online traffic into global sales.
Travel & Tourism

Tourism Translation Services

Capture the true essence of your location and showcase its best features in any language with our expert Tourism Translation Services. One Hour Translation offers professional travel and tourism translations in over 120 languages, ensuring that your material will read as if it were written by a true local.
Online Gambling

Online Gambling Translation Services

Do you run an online gambling company that operates in multiple countries? Our certified translators will ensure that your website’s content resonates with players in their native language.
Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

Blockchain Translation Services

Translate world-class blockchain and cryptocurrency content into any language with One Hour Translation’s professional Blockchain Translation Services.
Media & Publishing

Media Translation Services

Online and offline media companies and publications around the world trust One Hour Translation’s Media Translation Services for all their professional translation needs.