Manufacturing Translation Services

Translation of specialized documents requires knowledge, precision, and accuracy. Our patented QA procedures and industry-leading Manufacturing Translation Services guarantee that you'll receive fast, precise, and error-free translations of the highest quality.

With One Hour Translation’s professional Manufacturing Translation Services, you can communicate with suppliers and showcase your products to international clients and consumers in a compelling fashion while staying true to industry jargon and terminology. We offer certified translations in more than 120 languages and over 3,200 language pairs, allowing you to expand your company’s presence around the world.

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Industrial Manufacturing

Which Manufacturing Translation Services does our translation agency specialize in?


Marketing Material: Brochures, Catalogs, and Packaging

Professional and accurate translations of your marketing materials will allow you to better engage with existing and prospective customers from around the world and effectively communicate why they should use your products or services.

Training Material

Your employees are the lifeblood of your company. Making sure that they are adequately trained for the job is of utmost importance. Accurate translation of your training material will help ensure that your employees are better prepared for the responsibilities of their role.

Websites and Apps

Want to reach a global audience, expand products or services to new users, and better engage with your customers and clients? Our certified industry-specific expert translators will ensure that your company’s website and apps remain user-friendly and clear, in any language.

Product Specifications/User Manuals

Not understanding what products do and how to use them can have very serious implications, including safety risks. OHT will ensure that you receive precise, easy-to-follow translations for all product specifications and user manuals.


When it comes to patents, precise translations are vital. Having ownership of your intellectual property is what protects your business and keeps it competitive. Certified translations of your patents by OHT will ensure that potential competitors clearly understand that they can’t benefit from your creations and inventions.

Technical Reports

Technical reports are formal documents designed to convey technical information in a clear and easily accessible format. No matter the language, our industry-specific expert translators will ensure that important information remains reliable and loyal to the source text.

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