Marketing Translation Services

Want your marketing and advertising materials to stand out in any language so that you can attract new global audiences? We’re willing to bet you do. Our Marketing Translation Services in over 120 languages will ensure that your marketing and advertising material resonate perfectly with your target market.

Our certified marketing translators are specialists in the field who can transform your current marketing materials into engaging, culturally accurate content for any audience. From the initial planning to a ready-to-publish ad, you can trust One Hour Translation to get the job done right the first time around, in any language.


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Which Marketing Translation Services does our translation agency specialize in?

Websites and Product Information

Your website, blog, product descriptions, and other content should engage customers and inform them about your products and services in a professional and understandable manner. Our certified marketing translations can ensure that your business’s unique content maintains a clear, user-friendly, and effective tone in over 120 languages.

Branding Materials and Brochures

A strong global presence starts with offering a great product or service. No less important, however, are the translations of your branding material, brochures, business cards, banners, ads, websites, billboards, videos, and more, which must all be accurate, error-free, and fully localized.

Email Campaigns

To this day, good old-fashioned email remains an effective way to communicate with customers and clients. If you want to improve the performance of your global email marketing campaign, our marketing translators will ensure that your content reads as if it were written by a true local.

Press Releases

Your company’s press releases communicate important news such as product launches and company updates, so you can’t afford to distribute inaccurate or confusing content. With OHT, you can rest assured that our certified marketing translators will maintain your press release’s captivating content and tone, in any language.

Advertising Campaigns

Every aspect of your print and online advertising campaigns must maintain their fluency and communicate to local audiences in a clear and engaging manner to properly promote your brand across multiple continents. With OHT’s marketing translation services, you can be sure they will.

E-Books and White Papers

One Hour Translation’s industry-specific expert marketing translators can translate or localize your e-books and white papers in over 120 languages, helping you increase interest in your business and expand your global reach, regardless of your industry.

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