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The online gaming industry has become a major player in the global entertainment market. To seize the opportunity in new and emerging markets, your content and marketing material must be accurately translated into the native language of your target market while staying true to industry jargon and terminology. Enter One Hour Translation’s Gaming Translation Services.

Game developers can’t afford to ignore the potential revenue that lies beyond their country’s borders. One Hour Translation’s Gaming Translation Services guarantee that your target audiences will have a fun and engaging experience as if your game had been originally developed in their native language.

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Which Gaming Translation Services does our translation agency specialize in?

Android XML/Apple iOS Strings

Important data contained in Android XML and Apple iOS strings will be translated with precision and accuracy by our expert gaming translators.

Website Localization

Website localization requires more than just a simple translation of the text. Our gaming translators will adapt your website’s content to the local language and cultural context of your target market.

User Interface

Your games need to have a user-friendly interface so that players will come back time and time again. Design is an important part of this, but so is your textual interface. Our expert gaming translators will help you maintain clear and consistent text across the entire user interface, in any language.

Online and Print Marketing

Marketing material can be a powerful tool to attract and inform gamers, journalists, business partners, and other stakeholders. When using our expert gaming translators, you can be confident you’re getting a consistent message across to all international target audiences.

Manuals/User Help

Sometimes people need help understanding how to play the games your company develops. With our gaming translation services, you can ensure that players will have a clear understanding of the information they need to fully enjoy your games.

Social Games

Will your social game be the next big thing? If you hope to attract an international audience, enlist our professional gaming translators to ensure that your players have an enjoyable experience, wherever they live.

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