Online Gambling Translation Services

Do you run an online gambling site that operates in multiple countries? Our certified industry-specific expert gambling translators will ensure that your content resonates with players in their native language.

Online gambling companies from around the world rely on our Online Gambling Translation Services to accurately translate and localize their industry-related content in over 120 languages. With One Hour Translation’s Online Gambling Translation Services, you can be confident that your content will remain error-free, easy to understand, and engaging, in any language.

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Which Online Gambling Translation Services does our translation agency specialize in?

Gambling Sites and Apps

Your website and apps should be fun and easy to understand for existing players as well as appealing to new players who will gamble on your platform. Our professional gambling translations will ensure that your content puts you on the path to success.

Social Games

If you want your game to get buzz on social media and be globally appealing, you need to ensure that the text remains clear, engaging, and fun, in any language. Enlist our experienced gambling translators to ensure that your players have an enjoyable gambling experience, wherever they live.


Terms and Conditions

Even though the majority of people don’t read online terms and conditions, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t translate them accurately. Your terms and conditions agreement is an important legal document that has serious implications for the long-term success of your gambling website and apps.

Help Desk Knowledge Base

Sometimes your users need a bit of help and guidance. Create the best user experience possible with a help desk knowledge base that provides them with the answers they need in their native language.

Gambling Regulation Materials

Online gambling can be fun, but regulations must be taken seriously when money is involved. You don’t want to leave out important information or confuse readers when it comes to translating this type of material.

Online Ads

Online ads help expand your global reach and attract new players. Our online gambling translators will not only translate the text into any desired language but also adapt it to the cultural context of your users.

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