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People are more apt to stay on your page and more likely to click ‘BUY’ when they’re reading the product descriptions and other materials in their own language – especially when the text is seamlessly written from a native-speaker's perspective.  

We make website localization easy, 
fast and affordable.

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Website Localization
We ensure your website appeals to and resonates with your target audience, from the translation of your texts while taking into account local cultures, customs and nuances, to the adaptation of your site’s visual elements, currencies, and units of measurement.

E-commerce Localization
We help you boost brand recognition and reach a larger target audience with your online store. We do our due diligence, so you can sell smarter, in a “language” your customers appreciate, feel compelled to engage with, so they ultimately buy.

App Localization
Get ready for an influx of downloads, because OHT’s app localization services are designed to make your app shine, in every target market. From App Store optimization to metadata translation, audio and video localization, on device testing, and more!

Game Localization
We help you reach more gamers with our expert game localization services for all game genres and file formats. More players will start leveling up in your games and you’ll start leveling up on the international game company leaderboard.

Localization Consulting
Our expert localization professionals will guide you through the process of building your own localization strategy. We draw on years of experience learning the markets and studying the competition to help you go global as seamlessly as can be.

Localization QA
Want to ensure your localized content resonates with your international target audiences? We’re here to help. We’ll assess just how well your product, service and/or content is doing in all your international markets, and offer optimization suggestions as needed.

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App Localization

Why choose

OHT's Localization Services?

Fast and Easy

We will translate your website source text no matter which type of file it is stored on. XML, HTML, PO,XLIFF, CSV - you name it. We have connectors with popular CMSs - Wordpress  (WPML), Drupal (TMGMT) - and also with TMSs such as XTM, Memsource, Smartcat, and Crowdin.

High Quality

We have developed several patented processes to ensure that every project delivered is of the highest possible quality. QA allows us to constantly improve our translator community by incorporating peer review and client feedback. We modify our translator allocation algorithms according to the translator’s performance in order to best match the right skills and expertise with client requirements. 

Any Language

We will translate your app or website into more than 120 languages.

Client Support

One Hour Translation provides premium client support and dedicated account managers for enterprise customers. At OHT, we believe that great localization services start with great communication.

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