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Language History:

Much as the language is considered one of the dialects of Malay Riau, it is worth noting that there is no relation in as far as dialects is concerned between the two. The only link that ties the two languages together is the Classical Malay. From the independence of the country in 1945, the language was then declared a national language and an official one for the country. There are slight differences in the manner in which the languages are spoken, with the main difference coming in as a result of the influence of the Dutch.

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You cannot get any better translation services than the one that we are offering on the internet today. We have a team of well trained professionals, all who are natives of the countries or regions from which they translate, and it is for this reason that we have been able to get some of the best translations in the world for our clients.

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Number of people speaking Indonesian

Approximately 23 million native speakers and over 140 million who speak the language as a second language

Countries Spoken: Indonesia, East Timor

Some Fun Facts About Indonesia:

There are so many awesome things that can be said about Indonesia, one of them being the fact that the world popular nutmeg plant originates from the Banda Islands of the country. This is as a matter of fact one of the main reasons why the European colonial powers were interested in Indonesia back during the colonial days.

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The importance of translation and transcription services in the market today is one of those things that you cannot ignore. This is because there are so many businesses and agencies that rely on these to get to operate successfully from time to time. With that in mind therefore you should consider some of the services that we offer

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We understand and appreciate the need for privacy in some of the work that we carry out for our clients, and it is for this reason that we ensure that we sign NDA agreements with our clients before we can start working on the projects for them.

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You can use our certificates throughout the US, not mentioning the fact that they are also acceptable in the government agencies and the embassies. This therefore is a guarantee of accuracy in the translation services that we offer you.