Glossary Management

Because Efficiency is Key

Your content likely contains specific acronyms and abbreviations that are unique for your brand’s voice and domain. By collecting all of them in a file, together with your approved translations, you ensure that these terms will always be precisely translated, regardless of the translator you’re working with. This efficient tool is called a Glossary.

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Glossary Management

Popular Uses

Website translation
Website Translation

Harness the full potential of an international online audience by delivering your brand’s message clearly and consistently in any language.

Gaming Localization Projects
Video Games

When it comes to localization of video games, a Glossary helps keep the game's plot clear and the players engaged. Glossaries are especially important if you frequently release updates.

Regulations and Manuals
Regulations and Manuals

Legally binding and potentially life-saving - Glossary Management doesn’t leave things to chance.

Product Catalogues
Product Catalogues

Your product catalogue is the face of your business. A proper Glossary ensures strong brand recognition and identity.

Glossary Management Popular Uses

Advantages of Glossary Management


Glossary Management is a solution that eliminates uncertainty during the translation process by explicitly citing terms and defining certain translations. There will be no space for ambiguity in your text, allowing you to achieve a higher level of accuracy throughout your translation.


Managing your Glossary allows you to exercise consistency, resulting in a shorter turnaround time. By eliminating any doubt and confusion during the translation process, you will notice that both the overall accuracy and speed of your translation increase.


Creating your own Glossary provides a constant reference and is an effective tool for reliable and consistent translations. This allows for multiple translators to work on the same project (or projects with related content) at the same time, never compromising on quality.


Grow your brand awareness by making sure that your specific messaging is used throughout your translated content.

Advantages of Glossary Management