Translation Memory

Because Efficiency is Key

With Translation Memory, you can reuse previously translated phrases and sentences so you don’t have to waste time and money on repeated text. The result? Faster, more consistent and cost-effective translations, ultimately maximizing your value.

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TRANSLATION MEMORY - Effortless Translations

Popular Uses

Large Documentation Projects
Large Documentation Projects

Maintain consistency and balance throughout your content, no matter its size.

Localization Projects
Localization Projects

Accelerate and improve the quality of your localization projects.

Software & Web Content Updates
Software & Web Content Updates

Ensure any new content matches your brand’s regular tone and style.

Technical Documentation Updates
Technical Documentation Updates

Unite all your employees under your brand, clarify your mission.

Translation Memory Popular Uses



Translation Memory technologies sweep away costly time-consuming, repetitive work. With Translation Memory, One Hour Translation can better meet your deadlines and offer you accelerated turnarounds with the highest quality, all at the best value.

Easy to Access

Translation Memory (Cloud-based) is mostly network-driven and does not require applications to be installed on individual computers. Our team can log-on to Translation Memory from any computer, on any operating system or platform – since this is a Cloud-based service, it allows us to pass these software savings on to our clients.

Increased Reliability

Translation Memory gives our clients the ability to create and enforce a style guide and a word bank for their translation work, enabling consistency throughout independent single projects as well as on multiple large related projects. All upgrades and security patches are applied to the software remotely, instantly upgrading every user without a second of lost productivity.

Cumulative Benefits

When more of your projects are automatically translated using Translation Memory, the more values you accumulate in your word bank and more of your brand’s unique style is imprinted in the system’s memory, all leading to improvements in speed, reliability, and cost.

Translation Memory Advantages