Add Picture To Project Note

In order to add a picture to the project note please follow the steps below:

  1. Upload the image as resource file before opening the project and save uuid.
  2. When opening the project add reference_resources parameter and paste the uuid of the picture. *
  3. In project notes add [image](resource://<UUID>) to add the picture to the notes.

* If uuid is not in the reference_resources parameter the picture won't be shown.


Here is how it looks like (extends general project submission API request)

Request params
Parameters תיאור
... ....
reference_resources UUID of the picture.
notes UUID of the picture must be framed like this
[image](resource://< UUID >)
... ....
Response params
Parameters תיאור
There no parameters.

Request Example

curl --request POST ""
--data "secret_key=SECRET_KEY&public_key=PUBLIC_KEY&sources=rsc-527116d8f07a02-60735023&source_language=en&target_language=de& notes=[image](resource://rsc-527106ac63a448-25531129)&reference_resources=rsc-527106ac63a448-25531129"

Result Example