Get Quote

This call will generate a quote for your project depending on your needs.

GET: /tools/quote
Request params
Parameters תיאור
resources Comma (,) separated list of resource_uuid. This field is mandatory if "wordcount" not specified.
wordcount Integer, words count.
source_language String, see the list of Language Codes.
target_language String, see the list of Language Codes.
service (optional, default is translation)
translation | proofreading | transproof | transcription (defaults to translation)
expertise (optional) See the list of Expertise Codes.
proofreading (optional, use only if "service" isn't specified) 0 | 1
currency (optional) USD | EUR | GBP
Response params
Parameters תיאור
currency Currency selected by user (or default).
resources Array of results per resource
Parameter Description
resource UUID of the resource in list
wordcount Word count of the resource
credits Credits worth of the resource
price Price of the resource
total Array of response params:
Parameter Description
wordcount Total word count
credits Sum of credits to charge
net_price Price in selected currency, based on credits and discounts
transaction_fee Price in selected currency, based on fee from payment vendors
price Total price in selected currency, based on net price and transaction fee.

Request Example

curl "<SECRET_KEY>&public_key=<PUBLIC_KEY>&resources=rsc-527116d8f07a02-60735023,rsc-527106ac63a448-25531129"

Response Example

   "errors": []