Status and error codes

Code Message Remarks/Error
0 ok  
General Request Errors         
100 Malformed or not supported request  
101 Unauthorized request - please include all your authentication fields specific missing parameter : public/private key
102 Forbidden - you are not allowed to perform this request or api key has been revoked  
103 Request validation failed Usually followed by specific field error messages (source/target lang)
104 Item is missing or you are not authorized Usually followed by specific unauthorized item, (context_id
105 action is forbidden because of certain dependencies Usually followed by a specific item that cant be deleted ( context_id)
106 Comments have been disabled for this project status  
107 Cannot cancel project in this status  
108 Please select the same language as source and target on general proofreading projects  
109 Wordcount is zero, cannot create project  
Project Related Errors       
200 "insufficient credits to fulfill your request - action required"  
201 "language pair is currently unsupported"  
202 "unknown project id or you are not authorized to access this project"  
203 "translation has not been submitted for this project yet  
204 No phrases found for translation project override default by using retranslation=true
205 Language pair is currently not supported for requested expertise or expertise is not supported  
Machine Translation
301 language detection failed  
302 "language pair is currently not supported for machine translation"  
Resources Related Errors
401 Unable to upload file: file is empty  
402 Unable to upload file: file size is not supported  
Internal Errors
900 "unexpected internal error"