Desktop Publishing Services (DTP)

Let our skilled and professional designers who are familiar with the latest software, make your documents and company material look professional, cutting-edge, and inviting. Whether it’s a brochure, letterhead, advert, or product manual, we can take your basic concept and create fully-formed, modern-looking designs that capture your company’s culture and values and render them into aesthetic, clean files that can be transmitted electronically, directly to your printer.

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Why choose

OHT's DTP Services?

Fast and Easy

DTP projects are usually started within minutes from when a project is launched.  We work 24/7, even on weekends.

Part of any Workflow

DTP projects can be part of any translation project, and it can start automatically as soon as the translation phase is completed.

Any Language

DTP work requires regional understanding. Our DTP freelancers are chosen according to the source and target languages of your text. We also support right-to-left languages.

Client Support

One Hour Translation provides premium client support and dedicated account managers for enterprise customers. Join us today and enjoy our world-class desktop publishing services.

Among our Desktop Publishing Services (DTP) customers:

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